Please help us in providing you with a quote by filling out the following
Phone number____________________Fax number______________________________
City___________________________State__________Zip code_________
Lead name_____________________Number in party________________
Number of children?___________What are their ages?______________
Dates of travel: Arriving in ___________________(please indicate city) on__________ (date)
Departing from _______________ (please indicate city) on____________ (date)
If travel dates have not yet been established, please indicate desired Month and number of days
clients plan to spend in Italy_______________________________________________.
Are clients celebrating a special occasion? (i.e. honeymoon, anniversary, birthday)
Have clients traveled previously to Europe?_______ to Italy?________. What cities have they
visited in Italy on previous trips?______________________________________________
Are your clients looking for a relaxing vacation or are they more interested in seeing and doing
as much as possible? _______________________________________________
Do your clients wish to focus on the art cities of Italy or on the countryside or both? Please
indicate in number of days or percentages:
Cities _________Countryside________Small Towns________Seaside resort areas_______
Cities and/or areas of interests:
Tours and reservations:
Very interested in museums_____ Interested in wines_____
Only interested in major museums_____ Interested in local crafts_____
Not interested in museums at all_____ Interested in local markets _____
Interested in cuisine_____ Interested in musical events _____
Our tour guides offer a complete range of customized tours. Please indicate which cities you
would like a tour included. ________________________________________________
How do you plan to travel within Italy?
By rail______By car_______ By rail and by car_______Using a private driver_________
Traveling between the major cities in Italy is quite easy by rail, and there are frequent
departures. If your clients plan to visit countryside locations, a rental car or car with driver is
generally required.
Are your clients willing to rent a car?_____Manual or automatic transmission?________
Italy’s hotels are classified into five categories by stars. 5 star hotels are deluxe properties with
extensive service and fine amenities such as concierge service, restaurants and bars, room
service, fitness centers etc. 4 star hotels offer high quality accommodations, generally a lobby
area, breakfast room and sometimes a restaurant. 3 star hotels are usually family owned and
operated, have a breakfast room and small lobby area. Three star hotels do not have concierge
service although the front desk staff is usually very helpful. We specialize in boutique European
style hotels, centrally located in the cities; many are of historical importance, and all offer private
bathrooms. They have all been personally inspected.
Please indicate your clients’ hotel preference___________
*** Star Rating
Three star hotel rates range between $200 and $ 300 per night in high season (depending on location)
for a double room including tax, service and breakfast.
**** Star Rating
Four star hotel rates range between $300 and $450 per night in high season (depending on location) for
a double room including tax, service and breakfast.
***** Star Rating
Five star hotel rates range between $375 and $975 per night in high season (depending on location) for a
double room including tax, service and breakfast
The cost of our packages inclusive of private transfers, rail and/or rental car, hotels inclusive of breakfast
daily and private guides for touring range from $200 per person per night to $500 per person per night
depending on hotel category. If you compare these costs with organized tours offered by major tour
operators with 30-48 people on a motorcoach, our rates are very competitive.
Based on the above information, please kindly provide us with a total budget for your clients’

customized tour of Italy. ________________________

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