Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Italian Riviera has much to offer. It has beautiful beaches, scenic sea views, great food, and a lot of history. It is shaped like a horseshoe and stretches from Nice, France around to the Tuscan border in Italy.
Tellaro on the Riviera

Hotel in Rapallo

Genoa styleSpaghetti con vongole (clams)

Coastal view along Italian Riviera

World Famous Aquarium in Genoa

In between there are a number of interesting towns with Genoa in the center. Everyone knows of the Cinque Terre, five picturesque towns hugging the seashore and cliffs of the Ligurian coast. There is Portofino, a retro port community, featuring multicolored pastel houses and shops. Nearby are the towns of Santa Margherita and Rapallo, lovely seaside areas with miles of promenade.
Pesto sauce was created here and it is fabulous. White wines dominate the area. If you want city life, venture to Genoa, a historical and bustling city. Be sure to visit the aquarium,  one of the best in the world.
Try taking ferries and boat tours to get the best views of the coastline towns.
The Italian Riviera is a great place to relax and tour around at your leisure. The climate is mild throughout the year. Needless to say the seafood is excellent and fresh.
Fly into Genoa or Pisa and take the short drive or train to the heart of the Riviera.