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Bologna is a marvelous and fascinating city. It is well-known for its fabulous cuisine, and I am pleased to say, that on my many visits there I have had the pleasure of tasting a great deal of it. There is no question that it is one of the best "foodie" places in the world. The famous Bolognese sauce was created here and remains one of Bologna's signature dishes. The original recipe can be found in the archives of the University of Bologna. The mortadella with pistachios is also an original product of Bologna. There are many fine ristorante and trattorie in Bologna, but one of my favorites is Trattoria Gianni, with great menu choices in all of the courses. If you don't get there, don't be concerned because it is hard to find bad food in Bologna or in the rest of Emilia Romagna.
There is, of course, more to Bologna than its cuisine. It is the home of the oldest university in Europe, so it is a vibrant and alive city. It is a place not to miss in Northern Italy.

The sidewalks of many of the streets of Bologna are covered with porticoes, and that feature along with the city's layout, makes it an easy city to walk around and enjoy. It is also known as the city of towers.
From Bologna you can easily access the cities of Parma, Modena, Ferrara, and the Adriatic coast.

                                                            Piazza e Fontanna de Tritone

Typical Portico
                                                                       Classic small street
                                                       Polpette (meatballs) Bologna style

The Two Towers

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